"UNTC" LLC (Ufa SciTechCenter) is an engineering company providing services to oil and gas recovery companies.

Complete FDP projects

Cutting-edge geological modeling and fluid-flow simulation;

Calculate reserves and draw feasibility reports with a latter defense at the State Committee on Reserves and the Central Commission on Reserves;

Run audit of projects.

Research in physics and mathematics, computer and information technologies

Develop software for field development and monitoring;

Create computer technologies for selecting wells for workover;

Simulate, design and processes results of oilfield experiments;

Develop software for oil recovery related tasks;

 Develop corporate information analytical systems.

Well tests. Problems in oil production

Prevent and fight corrosion, scaling and paraffin depositing in the bottom-hole zone and in oilfield equipment;

Improve and develop new reservoir treatment technologies.

Integrated research, development and engineering support of EOR

Engineering support of field development.

Run quick analysis of development status;

Select an appropriate workover program for the given geological conditions;

Develop targeted recommendations on well workover programs;

Evaluate the project economics;

Develop and supervise hydraulic fracturing.