Our Mission

Our mission is to create an integrated high-technology space of oil and gas recovery for our customers.  

We make innovative decisions that change one’s understanding of natural resource recovery. Turning ideas into technologies that add value for our customers, we make business comfortable for everyone.

Getting away from stereotypes, we find new sides of conventional things.

 We apply our innovative thinking to bring new services to the market, which delivers significant value to our customers.

Guiding Principles:

-To confirm our reputation by consistent and predictable performance
-To offer high-quality service

To find principally new ways to serve real customer needs.
To commit to technology and innovation
To expand the scope of the Company’s activities in accordance with our customer’s needs and creative potential of our employees.

Our customers are our main priority and we develop tailored solutions for them. We’re aiming at increasing repeat business customers.

We’ve build our reputation on our team of thoroughly trained personnel. With "UNTC" LLC (Ufa SciTechCenter) you get a dedicated professional team. We give our employees opportunities to stretch their skills and reach their maximum potential.