Squeeze Job

Well workover and intervention

Well workover is performed to solve the problem of high water cuts in mature fields. A number of research and engineering problems must be solved to ensure the success of the workover.

Selection of candidate wells

Analyze well lists.

Rate wells as to the forecasted result of the treatment.

Give recommendations for running more well tests to define the water cut source more precisely.

Select proper chemicals

Run laboratory tests to select the most effective cement slurries and develop new compositions.

Optimize gel, tar compositions, cement and chemicals for temporal blocking.

Treatment design

Select a well workover technology and a technology of cement slurry feeding. The preselection is carried out using quick methods, the technology is modified on the basis of well log data and mathematical simulation for every type of treatment.

Engineering and maintenance

Control the workover process.

Fast modification of workover plans if needed.

We have experience in working with all main classes of gel-forming and hardening agents and tools to block water inflow.

Analytics and recommendations

Analyze workover results.

Identify arising risks.

Draw up recommendations on optimizing the technology that addresses raising the quality of the workover.

The final goal is to achieve the maximum efficiency and good results of workover operations.