NGT Smart

NGT Smart software suite

The expert analytical software suite has been developed to control and design field development:

Evaluate oil field development online;
Select and analyze well service efficiency;
Control the watering process;
Allow for integrated field development projects;
Run reserve evaluation online according to international and Russian classifications;
Prepare technological solutions for project documents;



The Software has been tested on field with more than 20000 wells, the field  has been in production for 30 years;
Online and quality support of the software suite;

Technologies employed

«NGT Smart» software suite combines a long-term experience and developments in dealing with oil and gas production tasks and cutting-edge technologies of field development modeling.
The software product is a multi-user system with access privileges and a distributed server grouping.
«NGT Smart» allows for a fine tuning and adjustment for user requirements and conditions of the company, and can be integrated into existing corporate information systems and databases to become one of the elements of Oil Company information environment to effectively manage the oil and gas production company.
In compliance with current trends the software application programming interface allows advanced users to write new modules for current tasks.

Data analysis

Consolidation of data obtained from drill holes on the basis of structured and multifunction filter system.
Reporting: well data, production data; well grouping according to different parameters; consolidated figures.
Report generator.

Grid tools

Building structured grids, well-log grids, isobar, auxiliary maps.
Grid import/export tool.
Database grid tool.
Grid-calculator (calculation using grids).
Grid deformation tool.

Development analysis and monitoring

Performance analysis for wells, acreages, fields and groups of fields.
Analysis of workover program efficiency for producing wells, injection wells, acreages, fields.
Express-calculation of forecasted production rates of oil ( displacement characteristics, selection of best methods).
Wells:  gridding, clustering; evaluation of design production rates.
Mapping (geological maps, parameter maps) изменений нефтепромысловых параметров.
Evaluation of OOIP and developed reserves by wells, acreages, deposits, leases and fields (on the basis of initial and residual thickness maps).


Data control tool.
Integration tool for OilInfoSystem (OIS) and Finder information systems (of oil and gas production enterprises). 

Plugin support

The software programming interface allows for the creation of new modules.