NGT Geo Software Suite


The expert analytical software suite has been developed to monitor field development and build geological models of oil and gas fields:

Creation and maintenance of geological and field databases for the calculation of current reserves, exploration projects and field monitoring projects:

  • In-depth analysis of the project data;
  • Calculation of parameters for each well;
  • Automated error search and correction in the project database;
  • Computation and visualization of well cross-sections and profiles;
  • Well-section correlation;
  • Build core correlations, build and analyze core, GIS and well log correlations and ties;
  • Build maps (two-dimensional regular grids) and process them using the grid calculator, recalculate and edit grid values;
  • Map imaging;
  • Analyze reservoir structure;
  • Analyze oil-water contact and oil saturation;
  • Run online monitoring of field development;
  • Import different format data by converting source data from test and table files of different structure;
  • Export data into projects using different software;
  • Online volumetric calculation of reserves;
  • Prepare project documentation and reports as tables including reserve calculation and feasibility studies.

 «NGT Geo» combines a long-term experience and developments in dealing with tasks of oil and gas production.

 «NGT Geo» allows for a fine tuning and adjustment for user requirements and conditions of the company, and can be integrated into existing corporate information systems and databases to become one of the elements of Oil Company information medium to efficiently manage the oil and gas production company.