Our History

"UNTC" LLC (Ufa SciTechCenter) was established in 2005. From 2005 to 2009 the company was mainly involved into preventing complications during oil recovery including but not limited to control scaling, waxing and corrosion. At the same time we were developing computer field monitoring technologies.

From 2010 Ufa SciTechCenter has been operating as a diversified company offering a wide range of services for oil recovery:

 -Field development planning;

 -Develop software for field development monitoring;

-Develop and support reservoir treatment technologies (bottom-hole treatment, remedial squeezing and EOR);

-Run laboratory tests to solve oil recovery problems.

Software development. Ufa SciTechCenter has developed the following software packages to provide a unified system of oil and gas field development planning and monitoring: NGT Smart, NGT Smart+ and NGT Geo. These products allow to run a fast analysis of the development status of reservoirs from the point of view of reserve recovery, identify problematic zones of residual reserves, carry out a post-evaluation of well services, forecast the reservoir treatment efficiency. As a result, we have a targeted integrated well program with proposals for injectivity system optimization. Optimum technologies and chemicals are selected on the basis of the geological and physical characteristics analysis of the reservoir in question.

Field development planning.  At Ufa SciTechCenter we design field development plans. In 2011, 4 development plans of fields located in Volgo-Ural region and in Western Siberia were successfully presented and defended at the Central Development Commission and State Committee on Reserves; 5 field development plans were defended in 2012. 18 field development plans will be presented at the Central Development Commission in 2013. In our projects we implement the most cutting-edge technologies aiming both at enhancing recovery and increasing ultimate recovery.

Oilfield chemicals and technologies. From the very foundation, the employees of Ufa SciTechCenter have been working to solve problems of using chemicals in oil recovery. We continually improve methods of chemical application in Russian and international oil and gas fields, develop new products, run laboratory tests and measure PVT characteristics of reservoir fluid, offer engineering support. Our main goal is to introduce cutting-edge technologies and provide an integrated approach to oil recovery.