Health, Safety, Environment (HSE)

Long-standing commitment

At "UNTC" LLC (Ufa SciTechCenter) the HSE policy is our commitment to main requirements and highest standards for industrial safety, the protection of the environment, the health and safety of our customers and employees as well as of the people and communities in which we conduct work.

Ufa SciTechCenter understands its responsibility to society to protect the environment and reduce natural resource consumption. The company’s activity meets all the requirements of the current environmental legislation of the Russian Federation and international pollution prevention agreements.

We are aiming to prevent accidents and emergencies directing our effort to provide safety at work.

One of our priorities is to protect safety, health and security of our employees and people living in the communities where we run operations. To provide the above, Ufa SciTechCenter has developed the HSE System that is build in compliance with the current Russian and international legislation on the basis of best local and international practices.

Our HSE policy is based on the following principles:

  • We conduct work in accordance with modern requirements of industrial and environmental safety.
  • We develop and apply technologies allowing for the minimization of process losses.
  • Our projects include energy-saving technologies resulting in lower costs;
  • We apply advanced technologies to minimize our impact on the environment through reduction or elimination of waste and pollution, and through emission prevention and minimization;
  • We continually analyze environmental risk factors and take measures to prevent incidents;
  • We continually monitor, measure and assess results of the HSE management system application and improve our processes and services;
  • Our employees commit to our HSE policy and go though any specific environmental safety training that is required for their job.

We review our HSE policy regularly to ensure ongoing suitability.