Oil, gas and water treatment

Design, engineering and operation of well fluid and reservoir water gathering units as well as stock tank oil treatment bring a wide range of questions connected with PVT, oil field development stage, production techniques, complicating factors (iron sulphide, hydrogen sulphide, simultaneous treatment of oil coming from different reservoirs, etc). An Integrated Approach taking into account unique characteristics of each client is required to tackle these questions. The integrated approach offered by Ufa NTC monitors the work "from start to finish", and includes the following stages:

Performance analysis of well-stream gathering and transportation system;

Analysis of well-stream gathering and transportation system operation allows finding factors that influence oil and reservoir water treatment, and results in drawing recommendations and working out measures aiming at solving these questions.

Analysis of initial water separation unit operation including de-emulsification simulation as well as selecting optimum process modes and searching for most efficient demulsification agents allows developing appropriate recommendations aiming at lowering production and capital costs. The authors monitor the implementation of the offered solution closely which guarantees the claimed result.

Analysis of oil treatment unit operation

A number of State Standard requirements are applied to stock tank oil treatment (residual water-cut, salt content, contamination, saturated steam pressure). That is why when operation optimization of oil treatment unit is addressed it is necessary to take into account the impact each stage makes upon the entire process.

Analysis of reservoir water treatment unit operation

Since most of the fields are at their late stage of life characterized by a high water-cut, issues of reservoir water treatment play a significant part. A wide spectrum of technologies offered by Russian and foreign companies must be analyzed in detail before a decision is made as to the applicability of a technology in every separate case.  Research aimed at finding problems associated with formation water treatment allows getting good results and comply to OST 39-225-88 requirements.

Engineering and Design Supervision

Solutions that are worked out as a result of a complex investigation require a quality implementation, which we provide with our clients’ needs in focus.