Our PVT Lab delivers a comprehensive range of services using advanced technologies:

Measure compatibility, technological efficiency and applicability of new components and additives for drilling fluids

We run the following tests for surfactants (oil wetting agents, penetrating agents, emulsifiers, detergents, demulsifying agents, corrosion and scale inhibitors):

  • Low/high temperature test, salt action test;
  • Surfactant characteristics;
  • Solubilizing properties;
  • Chemical agent interference and compatibility with reservoir fluid;
  • Impact on oil treatment.

Enhanced Oil Recovery studies - EOR

Testing of acids, acid-based compositions, acid commercial compositions, and a further selection of the most efficient ones depending upon the following parameters:

  • Reaction activity;
  • Compatibility with reservoir fluid;
  • Capability to form or destroy emulsions.

Advanced technology adaptation and development of chemical agents for selective isolation of excess water

  • PVT analysis including rheological characteristics;
  • Parameter optimization of flow diverting compositions for geological and physical conditions of the field in question.

Optimizing oil gathering, shipment and treatment processes to improve performance

  • Identify and analyze PVT of reservoir oil, produced water and emulsified crude oil;
  • Run rheological tests to identify critical water-cut points to prevent possible complications that may arise during an interfield transfer;
  • Test a wide range of modern marketable demulsifying agents and depressants produced in this country and abroad to identify most efficient ones;
  • Optimize the specific consumption of demulsifying agents and depressants;
  • Identify best feed points for demulsifying agents and depressants;
  • Optimize time-temperature parameters of demulsibility;
  • Identify the quality of oil and water after treatment;
  • Run pilot tests of efficient demulsifying agents.

We run tests both at our labs (using artificial emulsions) and in the field (using fresh samples).