Oil and gas field monitoring services

Reservoir management

  • Identify major field development parameters;
  • Identify and analyze problem zones within the reservoir from the point of view of reservoir’s internal energy and depletion;
  • Analyze the effectiveness of well interventions carried out in relation to incremental ultimate recovery and start-up production increments;
  • Compare project and actual field performance.

Integrated optimization projects

Integrated optimization projects include the following:

  • Gather and analyze initial data;
  • Analyze field development;
  • Develop well intervention programs for the production in the end of the field’s life along with compensation programs;
  • Develop a test and evaluation program for field development control;


Better decisions to improve field performance

  • Different optimization issues are addressed to improve field performance;
  • Optimization calculation for choosing development systems in new drilling areas, taking into account well spacing deformation and rotation;
  • Optimization tasks related to choosing the volume of proppant for hydraulic fracturing;
  • Optimization tasks associated with deciding upon the length of horizontal sections of horizontal wells.

Develop project documentation.

Undergo expert review, present and defend project documents at authoritative state committees. Oil and gas field monitoring.